Rosario Alumni Sabbath

August 25 - 27, 2023

Always a serene setting and enriching alumni opportunity, come for Sabbath or the entire weekend. Activities will include presentations by guest speaker, meals for the weekend, vespers programs on Friday and Saturday evenings, Sabbath school and church service, nature walk, bonfire with s'mores on the beach (weather permitting), and lots of great music and fellowship.

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No refunds for no-shows or on cancellations made on August 21 or later.

A Walla Walla Worldview: Wisdom, Community, Service

Presented by our weekend guest speakers:

  • Karl Haffner '85, business and theology majors, currently serving as Loma Linda University's VP for Student Experience, former WWUC Pastor
  • Lindsey Haffner '19, English, French, and Religion majors, currently serving as Youth Pastor at Redlands Adventist Church, Redlands, Calif.

Lindsey Haffner '19 is a Youth Pastor in Redlands, California, where she gets to spend time exploring Jesus' character with the coolest students in the world. She graduated from Walla Walla University, where she spent her years frequenting Earthlight Books and the Colville Street Patisserie in between classes. She loves reading, writing, and baking cinnamon rolls, and can typically be found thrifting, humming, or getting too competitive at game night. 

Karl Haffner '85 teaches, preaches, writes, and frequents Fenway Park as much as possible. He is crazy about his wife Cherié, and his daughters Lindsey and Claire. He loves playing table games (Rewordable being his favorite), good stories, frequent flier miles, and ice cream (he even orders broccoli, a la mode). He marvels often at his ineptitude in golf, and can’t go a day without trying to solve Wordle.

He serves as Vice President for Student Experience and Enrollment Management at Loma Linda University Health. He has served as senior pastor of the Kettering SDA Church and the Walla Walla University Church, and as Mission Strategist for Kettering Health. He is an award-winning author of thirteen books such as No Experience Necessary, Are you more spiritual than a 5th-grader?, Destiny: Who you are and what you’re here to do, and The Cure for Soul Fatigue. He has written hundreds of articles for a variety of journals.  

Karl travels whenever he can and preaches wherever he can. He is amazed daily by God’s acceptance and is committed to communicating that grace to others.

He’s got two BA degrees, two master’s degrees and a Ph.D.


Who's coming!

  • Don and Janella Abbey
  • Glenn Balkins
  • Peter and Gloria Bascetta
  • Doug and Judy Bixel
  • Breanna Bork and daughters
  • Milton and DeDe Campbell
  • Ron and Cheryl Coleman
  • Betty Cox
  • John and Pam Cress
  • Della Keele
  • Celina Dawson and party of 9
  • Tim and Carolyn Dinkmeier
  • Keith Collier
  • Charlotte Collier
  • Steve Hellman
  • Kimberly Hellman
  • Kim Cole
  • Cliff and Jan Dolph
  • Ethan Dolph
  • Caitlin Millard
  • Joe and Marilyn Galusha
  • Joe and Lucy Garcia
  • William and Becky Graves
  • Karl Haffner
  • Lindsay Haffner
  • Gary and Trish Hamburgh
  • Jacob and Heather Holdener
  • Bernie and Carolyn Janke
  • Jim and Trudy Klein
  • Ralph and Marie Kneller
  • Ivy Lu
  • Ron and Peggy Miller
  • Clinton Bame
  • Krista Neuendorff
  • Troy Patzer
  • David and Susan Priddy
  • Daniel and Wendy Rexin
  • David and Ulena Robinson
  • Claudia Santellano
  • Jacquie Stonas
  • Hannah Stonas
  • DeeAnn Taylor
  • Abigail Ratliss
  • Dorita Tessier
  • John and Joy Thorn
  • Dan and Cheri Wolcott
  • Jared and Kate Wolcott


Guests to Rosario will be expected to comply with Washington State Department of Health requirements. Learn more about the requirements for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

Watch a video taken in preparation for the 2016 Rosario Sabbath weekend.  Video taken by Jesse Norris, a video producer and cinematographer living in Loveland, Colorado.  His grandparents Dale ('61) and Myrna (Fowler, att) Lent were caretakers at Rosario for many years.

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